Autoplay CD menu Create enhanced autoplay menus for CD and DVD in a few clicks. AutoPlay Express simplifies the task of designing and implementing a perfect autoplay menu for optical media such as CD and DVD discs, allowing to create a perfect shell for your game, multimedia presentation or movie flicks in just a few mouse clicks. The intuitive user interface allows making autoplay menus in a fully visual mode. You see exactly what you get! No programming is ever involved. Simply type your prompts, drag and drop pictures and buttons, and you are ready to go!

Creating multimedia-rich autoplay menus is easy with AutoPlay Express thanks to its extensive support of multimedia objects such as Flash Player, Media Player, and Web Browser. Sure enough, you can enhance your autoplay CDs with sound and music. You can even make autoplay CDs with entire Web pages complete with graphics, links and animations!

AutoPlay Express helps you make autoplay menus working perfectly no matter how early is the stage of your project. You can make an autoplay menu for a CD compilation that does not yet exist! Simply create a CD or DVD project in AutoPlay Express by dragging and dropping files from the hard disk the way you would do it in a CD/DVD burner, design your autorun menu structure, and click Run to test your auto-launch system! The test mode is as close to reality as possible, allowing to simulate a newly created autoplay menu on a CD/DVD project without burning a disc.

Create complex, multiple screen autoplay menus quickly and easily. AutoPlay Express supports large projects, allowing even the biggest pictures to load quickly and the entire autoplay menu operating seamlessly.

Designing a complex autoplay menu project with many similar-looking screens? AutoPlay Express makes the process simpler than ever by allowing specifying templates for screens with common elements, design or layout.

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Autoplay Express - autorun menu screen shot Autoplay Express - autorun menu screen shot Autoplay Express - autorun menu screen shot Autoplay Express - autorun menu screen shot

Create Autoplay Menus for CD and DVD Media

Building a CD or DVD compilation and want to enhance it with professional-looking autoplay menu but don’t want to bother programming? AutoPlay Express makes it easy to add quick or complex autorun menus to your presentation, business-card CD, music or movie collection. No need to become a programmer! With AutoPlay Express, you see exactly what you get!

Drag & Drop Operation

Making a working autoplay shell with AutoPlay Express could not be easier. Simply type your text prompts and drag and drop pictures and buttons to create a working, perfectly looking autoplay menu. You literally make the entire thing by just clicking the mouse!

Integrated Approach

AutoPlay Express saves you a few coasters by allowing to test autoplay menus for your CD/DVD compilation prior to burning it onto the disk. Simply create a projects and add files that should be present on your CD or DVD, and AutoPlay Express will run the autoplay application on that project as if it were a real CD/DVD disc.

One-Click Publishing

Burn your newly created compilation by simply clicking a button! You can choose to burn your project with AutoPlay Express or use your favorite CD/DVD burner.

Supports Complex Projects

If your autoplay menu features more than one screen and has more than a few buttons, you’ll find AutoPlay Express truly invaluable. Create an autoplay menu with hundreds of screens, and it’ll run as fast as a single-screen project!

AutoPlay Express helps automating such projects by conveniently offering support for screen templates. You can design just one screen complete with images and buttons, and replicate it easily throughout hundreds of screens in a project.

Multimedia Autoplay Menus Made Easy

AutoPlay Express supports rich content such as music, videos and HTML pages, allowing you to embed enhanced controls such as Flash Player, Media Player, and Web Browser right into your autoplay projects. You can insert movies, flash flicks, background music, and complete Web pages full of text, links, pictures and rich media objects in just a few clicks.